Deivid Silva

Deivid Silva


Deivid was born and raised in Prainha Branca, Guarujá, São Paulo. Son of a surfer, he got used to the podium from a very young age and has been competing in the world tour for a long time. He never gave up on his dreams, and after six years battling in the access circuit, he won a long-awaited WCT spot. Today, at age 24, he has a baby girl and many dreams to pursue.


Deivid Almeida da Silva, better known as Deivid Silva, is one of the new Brazilian representatives of the surfing elite in 2019 - this year, WCT has 11 Brazilians among the 34 best in the world.

Get to Know Deivid:

Born: Prainha Branca

Stance: Goofy

Favorite Wave: Ribeira d'Ilhas, Portugal

Best trip: Fiji

Dream Wave: Skeleton Bay, Namibia

Favorite Food: Ribs with potatoes

Idol: Mick Fanning

A Phrase That Defines You: Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Dream: To Be World Champion

Main Titles:

  • Champion Vissla Sidney Surf Pro QS 6000
  • Champion Hang Loose São Sebastião Pro, in 2017 (QS)
  • Itacaré Surf Sound Festival Champion in 2017 (QS)
  • Two times champion Casablanca Pro / Morocco in 2016/2017 (QS)
  • Champion Red Nose Pro Florianópolis, in 2015 (QS)
  • Two-time South American Pro Junior Champion in 2014/2015
  • Champion Hainaw Classic China in 2014 (QS)
  • Vice-champion Volcom VQS World Final Fiji in 2013
  • Champion Paulista Júnior in 2012
  • Vice-champion World ISA Junior Panama in 2012
  • Vice champion Grom Search International Bell's Beach in 2011
  • Champion Paulista Mirim in 2010
  • Brazilian Champion Mirim in 2010
  • Brazilian Champion Beginner, in 2009
  • Champion Paulista Beginner, in 2008
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