Deivid Silva: Rookie Season on the WCT

Deivid Silva: Rookie Season on the WCT

Deivid Silva: Rookie Season on the WCT

As a 3 year old boy Deivid shared the podium with his father who was also a surfer. Being there at such a young age changed Deivids life forever. Surfing became his passion and it has only continued to grow with age. Since then, Deivid has been accumulating great results, always with the goal of becoming a world champion, and influencing the new generations of surf.

Deivid Almeida da Silva, better known as Deivid Silva was born and raised in Prainha Branca, Guarujá, São Paulo. Son of a surfer, he got used to the podium from a very young age and has been competing in the world tour for a long time. He never gave up on his dreams, and after six years battling in the access circuit, he won a long-awaited WCT spot. He is one of 11 Brazilian representatives competeing along side a total of 34 professional surfers for the Surfing World Champion title this year.

Q&A with Deivid Silva:

Tell us a little more about how you started surfing?

I started because of my father - he surfed and competed. Every time he climbed on the podium, I would go up with him. He always gave the trophy for me to raise it for us. It motivated me a lot, so I started surfing more because of my dad. But it became a passion, and I'm very happy to be where I am today.

What was the biggest challenge you've ever faced?

It was in 2018. In the last stages of the Hawaii circuit, when I needed good results to qualify for an WCT position. My grandmother passed away when I was in the quarterfinals of Haleiwa and then after the sunset phase, my grandfather died as well. It was very difficult to get good results after I lost my grandparents. It was certainly my biggest challenge.

What kind of waves do you think you will do better at on tour?

I think Snapper Rocks (Australia), because I like to go right and the beach at Bells as well. I have never been to Margaret River, so it will be a first time. I like what Saquarema has to offer as well, and of course it’s always fun to be surfing in Brazil. Finally, I think Portugal, in the Peniche stage, I am hoping to have good results.

Who inspires you?

Two people inspire me. First, I would say Mick Fanning. Mick always has tremendous poise and is always under control in each heat he takes. I also really respect the person he is. He's focused, and he is a hard worker. He is always practicing, and that's why I get a lot of inspiration from him. Another guy who inspires me is William Cardoso. He is a guy who has never given up on his dreams. He has struggled a lot and today is in the WCT.

Are you excited for the season?

I'm really, really excited and looking forward to getting started soon. Since it's my first year, I cannot wait to be out there competing, putting on a wetsuit and going to surf. I practiced a lot for this season and I am very focused. I can’t wait to start.

What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is sharks (laughs).

What message can you leave to the new generation athletes who dream of joining the elite?

Never give up on your dreams and always be fighting for it, because life in surfing is not easy. Many doors will close for you, but you can not give up. You have to try as hard as you can and NEVER stop chasing your dreams.


  • Favorite wave: Ribeira d'Ilhas, Portugal
  • Best trip: Fiji
  • Dream Wave: Skeleton Bay, Namibia
  • Favorite food: Ribs with potatoes
  • Idol: Mick Fanning
  • A phrase that defines you: Never give up on your dreams
  • A dream: To be world champion

Deivid Silva's main titles:

  • Champion Ballito Pro QS 10,000 2019
  • Champion Vissla Sidney Surf Pro QS 6000
  • Champion Hang Loose São Sebastião Pro, in 2017 (QS)
  • Itacaré Surf Sound Festival Champion in 2017 (QS)
  • Two times champion Casablanca Pro / Morocco in 2016/2017 (QS)
  • Champion Red Nose Pro Florianópolis, in 2015 (QS)<?li>
  • Two-time South American Pro Junior Champion in 2014/2015
  • Champion Hainaw Classic China in 2014 (QS)
  • Vice-champion Volcom VQS World Final Fiji in 2013
  • Champion Paulista Júnior in 2012
  • Vice-champion World ISA Junior Panama in 2012
  • Vice champion Grom Search International Bell's Beach in 2011
  • Champion Paulista Mirim in 2010
  • Brazilian Champion Mirim in 2010
  • Brazilian Champion Beginner, in 2009
  • Champion Paulista Beginner, in 2008
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